Maybe I should not consider the Bible...


Bible critics commonly say the Bible is a collection of fairy tales, superstition, outrageous so-called "miracles" and standards of conduct that are unrealistic and impossible to live by.  They say it was written by mere men over a period of thousands of years, and that it's full of contradictions.

It might just be ancient history and middle eastern religious thought.  Maybe it had value to the people in that age, but times have changed and the world is vastly different now.

Some governments have outlawed the Bible and, as we all know, it's not allowed in the public schools in the United States, nor can judges or lawyers cite it in court. 

People who claim to believe the Bible are the most arrogant and neurotic people on the planet, and even they can't seem to agree on what the Bible says or what it means.  We have all seen enough of these "Bible-thumpers" who are just in it for the money.

It might make more sense to start with something that's more up-to-date and less controversial.  Maybe I'll look at the Bible some other time.

maybe YES?         I've decided