I am a random result of some natural process.


You decided you are a random cosmic coincidence, having neither purpose nor destiny. 

These are the necessary implications of your conclusion:  There is neither "good" nor "evil" in the world - these are simply convenient terms for preferences, or for options that either serve or do not serve your own purposes.  Yours is a "survival of the fittest" world where anything goes, unless someone bigger than you has other ideas.  There is no "reality" beyond your five senses (and reality may just be an illusion).  Intangibles such as love, compassion, beauty, logic or justice are really just electrical or chemical activities of the brain.  Once those activities stop, everything stops. 

YOU are the most supreme being in the world you have chosen, so "eat, drink and be merry" while you can.  And if you have an urge to worship something (and it seems we all do; one of those electro-chemical processes that evolution hasn't eliminated yet), then worship YOURSELF.  Narcissism may be generally unpopular, but in a purposeless world, it's the most logical option. 

"Hope" is another one of those intangibles, and you'd better hope you are right.

If you reconsider, come on back.  Maybe we'll do coffee.