Am I the result of unguided natural evolutionary processes?


Maybe after thousands of years of religious ignorance, Darwin and modern scientists figured out how the world really works.  Perhaps the philosophers before them were blinded by allegorical records from the ancient past that they thought were factual.

We now think we know from science how the stars, galaxies, and solar systems could have evolved.  While DNA seems complex at present, it might be just a matter of time and additional research before scientists figure out how it started, and how it manages to refine itself and become more specialized.  These are natural processes with no superintending intelligence or intent.

If Darwin, Huxley and the evolutionary scientists are right, I would be a result of these processes; a peculiar mixture of highly organized flesh, blood and bone.  While blind chance and random chemical or molecular activity seems an unlikely cause, it would be the only possible cause if the theory of evolution is true.  If life is just a cosmic accident, I will exist for a time and then simply cease to exist.  My ultimate destiny is oblivion.  Some apparently have short lifespans, others longer, but all existence appears to be temporary.

Things are ... and then they cease to be.  Nothing else matters, and nothing ultimately matters, either.  There is no such thing as "morality" in any absolute sense.  What we call "morality" is an agreed-upon set of preferences that seem to be expedient for the whole.  In this world that "just happened to happen" there is no purpose, except that which I decide.  I select my own goals, choose my own values, live my own life, and will be held ultimately accountable by no one.

maybe YES?         I've Decided