Was I created for a reason?


Virtually everything we see in nature, when closely examined, displays evidence of structure and design.  The fanciful and totally unprovable "big bang" of (allegedly) billions of years ago could not result in order any more than an explosion in a junkyard could "create" any useful device.  GPS navigation systems, cell phone networks and everything in between work because natural laws remain constant.  Evidence of design is everywhere, from the structure of DNA to the spiral galaxies.

Mount Rushmore

Random tosses of paint at a canvas can't create a portrait of a man.  Similarly, it makes no sense that an actual functioning man could come about by random activity.  No one could reasonably conclude that Mount Rushmore resulted from thousands or even millions of years of random natural processes.

Design requires a designer.  Philosophical sophistry and theoretical speculation may posit the possibility that design or symmetry could happen accidentally, but if this occurs in the real world, it is the exception rather than the rule.  Nature itself has provided sufficient proof that we were intentionally created.  It may not be immediately apparent why we were created and designed as we were, but the evidence for intelligent design is unavoidable. 

If there were no purpose or design, the concepts of "purpose" or "design" would not even exist.

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