I do not believe the Biblical record is accurate.


Congratulations!  You got this far and maintained your honesty.  You have examined the Biblical claims of Christ, and with honest doubts, skepticism filters and critical thinking skills firmly in place, you said "no."  Or maybe it's just "not yet."

Unless you are convinced that the Biblical record is true, you should NOT go any further.  But I would hope that by now, you realize the gravity of the situation.  After all, we're not talking about an invitation to a tea party.  We are talking seriously about your eternal destiny

Volumes have been written about the integrity of the Bible, the ancient manuscripts that have been recovered and compared, the archaeological evidence that supports the Bible record, and all the rest.  All the evidence is there for the honest inquiring mind.

Again, the operative word is honest, and I think we settled that issue at the beginning of this adventure.  If you really want to know who created you and why, you can find out.  If you think you understand the implications of believing the Bible and you are shying away from those implications, it's time to grow some backbone and deal with reality. 

The exit below will take you to an article from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry that discusses the reliability of the Bible.  This is offered as a starting point for your research into the veracity of the Biblical record.  When your honest doubts in that area are resolved, I hope you will return to complete the trip.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope to see you soon.