What about 'repentance'?


Two clarifying questions - again requiring honesty - could be considered at this point: 

1) "If I make a total commitment to Jesus Christ, will I have to make changes in the way I live my life?" and
2) "Am I willing to make those changes?"

This is the essence of repentance.  It is more than a change of feelings, or opinions, or attitude.  It is a change of heart that causes a change in priorities and a change in behavior.  We must turn FROM sin in order to turn TO Christ.  Clearly, some changes must take place.  You must be willing to change.  Are you?

It might be helpful to consider why God hates sin, and why turning from it is necessary.  Contrary to popular belief, God does not hate sin because we defy Him when we break His rules.  He hates sin because it destroys people He loves, who He made in His image.  His love for us compels Him to hate anything that destroys us.  His hatred of sin is not centered on His ego, but on our well-being.

Consider what's at stake and count the cost:  Are you willing to change?

Maybe NO?         I've decided