A Final Clarification


It's been an interesting journey, wouldn't you agree?  We began by seriously considering whether the universe "just happened" or whether there was design and intention behind creation.  Having concluded that the world is not random, but was designed and made for a reason, we considered whether the Bible would be a good source for information.

Concluding that it was, we explored its pages and found the singularly remarkable words and deeds of Jesus Christ, the One to whom the ancient prophets pointed, who was before all things, and within whom all things consist.  We considered His resurrection and concluded that He was exactly who He said He was.

But when we discussed the implications of discipleship, you balked.  I can only wonder why.  Perhaps the easy-believism of Western cultural Christianity was too hard to abandon.  Some believe that baptism and church attendance are really all that God requires.

I'm glad you were honest and I hope this little journey was clarifying for you.  I'm not completely surprised, since I have seen many who pay "lip service" to Jesus by being religious and living fairly sanitized lives, believing that because all the other Christians live that way, it must be right.

But it's not.  The way to life is narrow, and Jesus said there were few that find it.  Most miss it - maybe because they think that what they have will be good enough.

We make commitments of total fidelity to our spouses when we marry, and many make substantial commitments to their careers.  So it's not like the idea of a "total commitment" is a foreign concept.  There must be something in your life that is more important to you than Jesus.  I'll let you figure out what that might be.