I do not believe that Jesus Christ was who He claimed to be


Congratulations!  You got this far and maintained your honesty.  You have examined the Biblical claims of Christ, and you said "no."  This settles your eternal destiny, at least for the time being.  You understand that Jesus offered eternal life and you have rejected His offer. 

It could be worse.  You probably know at least a few people who think that because they play the church "religion" game, or because they signed a card or said a little prayer once that they are "safe."  They will get a BIG SURPRISE at the Final Judgment.  At least you know what to expect.

And, of course, you still have time to reconsider.  Maybe you're here for fun, and all the "Christians" (they may not be!) that you know are dour and unpleasant.  Maybe you have sin in your life and just don't want to give it up.  Or maybe that Resurrection story is just too much to believe.

In any event, you are an honest rejector.  I like the "honest" part, and I think God does, too.  Maybe you will come to this crossroad again some time.  I certainly hope so.