I choose to not consider the Bible


Maybe that made it a little harder to be honest.  You know you have a purpose, but you chose to bypass the Bible and either look somewhere else for life's answers, or perhaps just quit looking. 

But let's be clear:  I proposed that you read the Bible for clues concerning your life purpose and, for whatever reasons, you said "no."  I was not telling you to do - or stop doing - anything.  I didn't suggest that you "become religious" or "join a church" or any such thing.  I did not even suggest that you have to believe that the Bible is inerrant truth or the Word of God.  I simply invited you to read it for yourself.  For the time being, you would rather not.

That's fine.  If you choose to pursue answers to the "big questions" of life and purpose, you may wind up at this crossroad again.  I certainly hope so.